Bioshock Infinite Mini-Review

After purchasing the Bioshock Collection for $12 in 2020 and beating Bioshock the same year, then Bioshock 2 last year in 2021, it felt like the perfect time to wrap up the trilogy and get started on Bioshock Infinite in 2022. Rather than another return to the ocean-buried Rapture, Infinite brings us up into a … Continue reading Bioshock Infinite Mini-Review

A Plague Tale: Innocence Mini-Review

Sometimes a game comes along that surpasses your expectations in myriad ways. Rather than a bland stealth title, you're gifted a heartfelt adventure sneaking through gorgeous forests, towns, and dilapidated castles. Instead of insufferable characters, you find a group of young adults and a young child that you can't tear yourself away from. The brief … Continue reading A Plague Tale: Innocence Mini-Review