Wish List- The Elder Scrolls VI

Hype for The Elder Scrolls seemed to have bubbled up very briefly during the series’ recent 25th Anniversary celebration. During a video that celebrated the milestone, Bethesda legend Todd Howard was shown talking with YouTuber Shirley Curry- the Gaming Grandma- and it was revealed that she would be portrayed as an NPC in the currently-untitled … Continue reading Wish List- The Elder Scrolls VI

Wish List- Pokémon Snap 2

Before anyone gets too excited: no, there is not a currently-announced sequel to the Nintendo 64 gem, Pokémon Snap. However, a recent video from the NormalBoots YouTube channel (which you should absolutely check out here) got me thinking deeply about this game and the incredible potential for a sequel that has been left untapped for nearly … Continue reading Wish List- Pokémon Snap 2