Bioshock Infinite Mini-Review

After purchasing the Bioshock Collection for $12 in 2020 and beating Bioshock the same year, then Bioshock 2 last year in 2021, it felt like the perfect time to wrap up the trilogy and get started on Bioshock Infinite in 2022. Rather than another return to the ocean-buried Rapture, Infinite brings us up into a flying city amongst the clouds and sunshine: Columbia. This new city is full of civilians and innocents, rather than just the crazed inhabitants of the sunken city, and it offered a new level of immersion to a society that is corrupt to its core.

-Shield system that regenerates with time, which helps cut down on health-scrounging between fights; Remapped controls to focus on combat and cover instead
-Players can quick-swap between two “magic” abilities; While different from previous games in some ways, the powers serve the same general purpose and function
-Skyhooks let you zip around certain combat areas, gain a vantage point above enemies, or drop down to take out your foes with death from above
-You can now only wield two firearms at a time, but this encourages you to swap frequently based on your remaining ammo rather than capitalizing on just a couple weapons (unless you explore every corner or pay at the shops to keep those weapons fully-loaded)
-Players are able to upgrade their weapons and magic as they see fit, allowing you to further customize your approach to combat even if variety is encouraged.
-The character Elizabeth adds heart to the adventure, and also helps by tossing useful items to you mid-battle (ammo, health, etc.) or picking locks to get extra items/collectible
-While exploration is optional, I always found myself rewarded with good weapons, extra ammo, vials that increased my health, shield, or vigor; It was always worth the extra time!
-Pressing up on the D-Pad sends a guiding arrow flying across the ground toward your next objective, which I found very helpful in later areas that required back-tracking
-The horror aspect in Columbia is more subtle and societal compared to the eerie corruption of Rapture’s denizens; The underlying commentary on American culture and racism (from 2013) is scarily apt to events we have seen in real-life these last few years in the USA

-Like the older Bioshock games, the bulk of lore comes from audiotapes and viewing devices which require the player to screech to a halt every few minutes to just listen, if they want the full picture; These aren’t subtitled and are easily drowned out if you pick them up in a fight
-Other dialogue is sometimes overshadowed when surrounded by NPCs and I lost track of several conversations throughout the story

Bioshock Infinite thrusts you into a broken world and lets you take it down any way you want. I was always eager for the next combat encounter or happy to explore between skirmishes, lockpicking my way to hidden areas and secrets. My journey through Columbia was riveting from start to finish and even though the plot got a bit nonsensical at the end, it was a journey well worth taking.

Final Rating: 4.5/5


Review Score Translator

5/5- Magnificent! A quality game that goes above and beyond to deliver a near-perfect experience

4/5- Great! A game that is a joy to play despite a few minor hiccups along the way

3/5- Fun! A good game that has some issues, but is still worth playing despite the frustrations

2/5- Meh! A game with at least a handful of redeeming qualities, despite the majority of it being a mess

1/5- Yikes! A game that shouldn’t have been allowed


4 thoughts on “Bioshock Infinite Mini-Review

  1. This game is on my backlog, I couldn’t finish the first one for some reason, it was either because of lag or I just didn’t have enough upgrades to take down enemies. I also sucked at the hacking mechanism.

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