Question of the Week #28: Who is the Most Obnoxious Character in Gaming?

Not all characters in a game can be fun or entertaining: some grate against the very fabric of your being! The question is…who really gets YOUR goat?

I’d have to cast a vote for Kaepora Gaebora from Zelda: Ocarina of Time. I appreciate that he wants to help with advice, but he doesn’t have to be so lengthy with his explanations! Add in the default option of choosing ‘Yes’ to hear everything all over again with no fast-forward and you have a recipe for Grilled Owl!

Let me know your own picks in the comments below! I’d love to hear about them!


14 thoughts on “Question of the Week #28: Who is the Most Obnoxious Character in Gaming?

  1. As soon as I saw the title I was like “Definitely commenting about that owl from Ocarina of Time/Majora’s Mask” but you beat me to it! Trying to button-mash through his dialogue and accidentally selecting ‘yes please repeat that entire thing again’ was the bane of my childhood.
    Having just finished my first playthrough of Persona 5, I might be tempted to say Morgana – though I actually love his character, the fact that he constantly forces you to go to bed and end your day without being able to do anything definitely qualifies as “obnoxious.”

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    1. Oh geez, that does sound annoying! And sorry I took your first pick! 😛 Perhaps I should leave my own choice out for future questions, just for these overlapping instances.

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  2. I don’t think I have come across a character that really irritates me 🤔 the most annoying are usually the characters that are acting as your guide though. It seems to be an unwritten rule for that type of character.

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  3. I hear ya about that darned owl. He bugs me! And actually, he’s the subject of my next blog, heehee. >=)

    As for me, I think Fi annoyed me the most. “MASTER, THERE’S A 90% CHANCE YOUR WII-MOTE IS NEARLY OUT OF POWER.” -_______- Ugh.

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  4. G-Man in the Half-Life series. Obviously, he wasn’t written as a comical or incompetent character, but I simply hated his smugness and the ugly fact that there was no way to put an entire mag into his ugly mug. Fortunately, someone finally made a mod where you could chase him down and burn him alive in a giant furnace. Thank God for happy endings!
    Also, that not-so-bright kid in the first Gothic game. He would follow my protag around the first camp and keep interrupting him by starting a conversation. What’s worse, he was so annoyingly cheerful! Eventually, I lost my temper and beat him to a pulp – as I learned later, every single Gothic fan did the same since he was the most hated character in the entire series.

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    1. I’ve never gotten around to those games, but I might have to look up the G-Man bit on YouTube thanks to your excited description of revenge 😛


  5. Zubat from Pokémon, enter a cave and you have to deal with it a billion times. With super sonic.. causing confusion. Since generation 7 , leechlife quadrupled in strength so they survive more hits as well and in so many games their popping up animation (like in gen IV) is suuper slow.

    In all honesty though.. the owl was my first pick as well.

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