Shovel Knight Returns with a Royal Welcome!

Practitioners of Shovelry were in for quite a treat today as Yacht Club Games dropped early gameplay trailers for three upcoming titles in the Shovel Knight franchise: the previously-known King of Cards expansion and Shovel Knight Showdown, as well as debuting a brand new project co-developed with Nitrome, Shovel Knight Dig.

King of Cards is yet another story added to the Shovel Knight anthology! Players explore the world as the fanciful King Knight, traversing stages much like the last three campaigns and moving across a world map as in the original Shovel of Hope. There is also a collecticle card element being added in for even more excitement! Yacht Club Games states that this is the biggest title they’ve worked on yet, and I can’t wait to tackle it!

Shovel Knight Showdown is a brawler-type game that sees players step into the shoes of several infamous characters, including the entire Order of No Quarter, to beat each other up in the name of collecting gems! There are multiple game types being included, but all are featured in the traditional 8-bit style of the main series.

Shovel Knight Dig, on the other hand, looks to be a brand new Shovel Knight adventure in a whopping 16-bits! We saw a lot of awesome gameplay in the trailer, but no concrete date for release yet.

I cannot wait for all of these titles to be released, as I absolutely dig (HA!) the first three campaigns! Are you a fan of Shovel Knight? Which campaign have you enjoyed the most so far? Let me know with a comment below! Thanks for reading, and shovel-…er, game on!


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