The Frostilyte Blogger Award Special!

Frostilyte recently took it upon themselves to nominate me for both the "Real Neat Blogger Award" and "Sunshine Blogger Award" within just a couple weeks of each other...even if it was an accident 😛 But I absolutely love these kinds of posts as they challenge me to think about questions I don't normally consider on … Continue reading The Frostilyte Blogger Award Special!

Super Sunshine Blogger Award!

They said it was impossible; that it simply couldn’t be done. But here I am with a long foretold destiny at my fingertips. You see, this isn’t simply a Sunshine Blogger Award…it is a SUPER Sunshine Blogger Award! Two SBAs crammed into one! I know, I know, please hold your applause. I’m sure it might … Continue reading Super Sunshine Blogger Award!