Bioshock Infinite Mini-Review

After purchasing the Bioshock Collection for $12 in 2020 and beating Bioshock the same year, then Bioshock 2 last year in 2021, it felt like the perfect time to wrap up the trilogy and get started on Bioshock Infinite in 2022. Rather than another return to the ocean-buried Rapture, Infinite brings us up into a … Continue reading Bioshock Infinite Mini-Review

That Doom Eternal Gameplay Presentation, Though!!!

Holy mother of blood and violence!!! Did you see how crazy that new gameplay preview for Doom Eternal was? This blog is by no means a steady source of news, but I cannot help sharing and marveling over the footage that left me with a grin bigger and fatter than a Mancubus. Doom (2016) was … Continue reading That Doom Eternal Gameplay Presentation, Though!!!