Nexomon Mini-Review

After hearing the name “Nexomon” for several years, I finally decided to dive in and see what this Pokémon-like is all about. Nexomon creates a solid narrative that throws players immediately into a world full of the titular creatures, full of variety and its own history. The story carries its golden thread with plenty of drama, humor, and surprises- I was particularly surprised how funny the game ended up being! But of course, creature taming is the vehicle that drives it all. How does it fare?

-Nexomon captures the simplicity of Pokémon’s early generations without feeling too derivative with its limited types (7 total)
-While not pixelated, the characters, creatures, and environments look fantastic and certainly evoke nostalgia while not relying on it entirely; the Nexomon designs were pleasantly creative and it didn’t take long to have a team composed solely of favorites
-Creatures level up quickly and are restored to full health/stamina when they do, making grinding a breeze
-The game’s writing is good, and has a lot of silly humor and expression bubbles that help deliver the characters’ emotions. Your robot ally Atlas is hilarious
-While you face Overseers in most towns to progress, they are tied directly into story progression and not just ‘obstacles’ to overcome

-All attack moves hit extremely hard, even with resistances, which almost negates the point of having types to begin with. Super effective moves often did double the opponent’s total life in the later half of the game. A better damage balance would have improved the combat.
-Statuses can ONLY be healed with items during battle; you’ll likely be KO’d if you try to wait them out
-Enemy trainers get to attack upon KO’ing any of their ‘Mons, so if you want to switch out a new creature, you’ll take two hits before getting to attack back- one to the active ‘Mon and another to whatever you switch over to
-Healing Centers are few and far between, meaning you need to grind cash to buy loads of healing items or prepare to book it back to towns regularly (or level-up your creatures for auto-healing)

Nexomon was a fun adventure, but largely due to my love for the older generations of Pokémon. The game’s combat is poorly balanced and brutal as a result, though this is partly offset by your creatures healing after every level-up. I was invested enough in the story that it never felt like a slog to play. This game won’t be for everyone, but if you’re wanting a new monster-taming adventure and are bored of Pokémon, this one is worth checking out.

Final Rating: 3/5


Review Score Translator

5/5- Magnificent! A quality game that goes above and beyond to deliver a near-perfect experience

4/5- Great! A game that is a joy to play despite a few minor hiccups along the way

3/5- Fun! A good game that has some issues, but is still worth playing despite the frustrations

2/5- Meh! A game with at least a handful of redeeming qualities, despite the majority of it being a mess

1/5- Yikes! A game that shouldn’t have been allowed past the final stage of developer approval

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