Spider-Man: Miles Morales Mini-Review

Spider-Man is unquestionably my favorite superhero of all-time. The 90s cartoon show is what drew me in the most since we didn’t have a local comic book store, but I eagerly devoured any video games I could get my hands on, as well as the movies featuring Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and eventually Tom Holland. But unfortunately when I played Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered for PS5, I was at a point where I wasn’t doing much with this blog and I didn’t end up sharing my thoughts aside from a few Twitter posts.

But times are changed now.

I adored my time swinging through New York as Peter Parker and I couldn’t wait to jump into the sequel as Miles Morales, who was featured heavily in the first game, including the origin of his powers. Much like Miles takes up the heavy mantle of being a Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, his game carries on the legacy of its predecessor successfully, and in its own way.

-Same silky-smooth controls as Marvel’s Spider-Man, from navigation to combat
-The visuals pop, and the game’s actors do a phenomenal job of sounding believable
-Miles’s new Venom abilities (which are confusingly electric in nature) are a great addition to widening your combat options, and are also used in other ways during missions such as interacting with power generators or starting a dead car
-Miles’s story is much more compact than the previous game and features fewer side activities overall. However, the smaller amount of quests made me want to ACTUALLY do all of them!
-I thought Miles’s interactions with the supporting cast felt more life-like and believable than many of Peter’s in the previous game

-The controls get a bit touchy when strict precision is required, particularly in the game’s stealth “Training” missions

Spider-Man: Miles Morales delivers more of what made the first game so great while also streamlining the experience to not be as bloated with soulless side-quests. I cannot wait to see what Insomniac cooks up for next year’s Spider-Man 2 game!

Final Rating: 4/5


Review Score Translator

5/5- Magnificent! A quality game that goes above and beyond to deliver a near-perfect experience

4/5- Great! A game that is a joy to play despite a few minor hiccups along the way

3/5- Fun! A good game that has some issues, but is still worth playing despite the frustrations

2/5- Meh! A game with at least a handful of redeeming qualities, despite the majority of it being a mess

1/5- Yikes! A game that shouldn’t have been allowed past the final stage of developer approval

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