Top 10 Favorite Armors in Video Games

If you haven’t been able to tell from this blog or my Twitter posts, I spend a lot of time playing video games. And when I play games, I wanna look GOOD. Well, not me, per se, but my characters! Who wants to spend time as a mish-mashed mess when you have the ability to look so darn awesome in complete sets of epic armor?!

I wanted take a look back at some of my favorite armor sets throughout the years. Whether for pure cosmetic purposes, enormous stat boosts, or just owing to their importance in the game overall, here is my list of favorite video game armors in no particular order!

10. Sakai Clan Armor- Ghost of Tsushima

How to Get and Upgrade the Sakai Clan Armor | Ghost of Tsushima|Game8

I wanted to start off with the armor that made me think of this post in the first place. The Sakai Clan Armor has such a unique design that perfectly walks the line between Japanese samurai and fantasy armor. The fact that it is Jin Sakai’s familial armor only adds to the importance of this protective shell that leaves you looking like vengeful forest demon.

9. Morne’s Set- Dark Souls III

Morne's Set - Darksouls3

Morne’s Armor stayed on my character for most of my first Dark Souls III playthrough, as I didn’t take it off after acquiring it. The combination of semi-skeletal chest plate, the stony pauldrons, and gargoyle-ish helm made me feel like a force to be reckoned with amidst the fallen kingdom of Lothric.

8. Grandmaster Ursine Armor- The Witcher III: Wild Hunt

Grandmaster Ursine Bear Witcher armor set - SokolWorkshop

Geralt’s fully-upgraded Ursine Armor strikes the perfect balance of style and utility. Its heavier chain-with-plate composition encourages players to live by the mantra “A good offense is a good defense.” Quen becomes an absurdly powerful spell while wearing this armor, boosting your defensive properties and upping the damage your shield bursts deal to foes. Once you earn the perk for Quen that restores health, this armor renders you nigh-invincible on the battlefield.

7. Armor of Light- Mega Man X

Download Mega Man X - Fully Upgraded Mega Man X - Full Size PNG Image -  PNGkit

Armor sets aren’t limited to fantasy settings. Mega Man X’s upgraded armor allotted far more than just a cool color scheme- the legs allow you to dash along the ground, the arm cannon allows for the charging of special weapons (and a better charge attack in general), the body armor cuts all damage in half, while the helmet upgrade allows you to smash through blocks a la Super Mario. It’s nice when armor upgrades serve a functional purpose beyond defense, and few do it better than the Armor of Light.

6. Gravity Suit- Metroid Series

Favorite Gravity suit design | Metroid Amino

After her orange Varia Suit, Samus’s Gravity Suit is probably her most-recognizable look. The Gravity Suit is a powerful armor that not only protects Samus from lava damage, but allows her to traverse through water as if it were air- a must-have for the environmental variety Samus encounters on her planetary adventures. Plus, it’s sleek violet-blue color scheme just rocks!

5. Sith Stalker Armor- Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Has anybody ever donned the Sith Stalker armor in the EU?: StarWarsEU

The Sith Stalker Armor might be purely cosmetic in nature, but its appearance tells a tragic story. Starkiller obtains this armor by achieving the Dark Side ending of The Force Unleashed- killing Darth Vader, but being grievously injured in the process. Starkiller’s injuries necessitate a respirator system and protective shell much like his black-caped predecessor, and he is outfitted in this haunting attire as yet another enslaved pawn of Darth Sidious.

4. Erdrick’s Armor- Dragon Quest series

Erdrick's Armor Mod - Dragon Quest XI at Dragon Quest XI Nexus - Mods and  community

Erdrick’s Armor is more than just protective- it is perhaps the most recognizable symbol of the Dragon Quest series, received by a legendary hero to conquer an ancient evil. This sacred armor boosts enormous defensive capabilities and also allows the wearer to traverse hazardous terrain with no ill effects.

3. Dark Plate Armor- Fable

The Plate Armor in the original Fable is the strongest set of armor in the game, but its Dark variation truly sells it the most, with its spiked pauldron and imposing stature. There was no helmet for this set in the original Fable, so players were left to fill the gap with either the Dark Chainmail Helm or, since you were likely evil if you wore it, the Mask of Jack of Blades. Fable: The Lost Chapters added in a helmet that suited the armor stylistically, further increasing the variety of terror players could impose on the NPCs of Albion.

2. Dragonplate Armor- The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Armors that combine utility and story-telling are my favorite, and the Dragonplate Armor of Skyrim is one of the best examples. This cumbersome armor is forged from the very bones of dragons, and as the Dragonborn of legend you are the only one capable of doing so and acquiring such materials. It is effectively an armor that only the player can possess. Plus it just looks rad!!

1. Ancient Armor- The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Perhaps the most unique armor on this list, the Ancient Set is crafted from the scraps of the vicious, robotic Guardians that plague a fallen Hyrule. This protective layer grants Link increased protection from Guardians- a necessity when venturing close to the fallen Hyrule Castle and its legions of protectors. Pared with some of the ancient weapons, the Ancient Set makes for one of the most unique Legend of Zelda looks of all time!

Those are my picks for favorite video game armors of all time, but what about you? Do you have certain sets of armor that you gravitate to, whether for style or utility? Let me know with a comment below! Thanks for reading, and game on!


2 thoughts on “Top 10 Favorite Armors in Video Games

  1. I mean, I’m obviously partial to Dark Souls, so I love the Darkwraith armor, the Brass set, Ciaran’s set, and Kirk’s armor. Such cool designs. Definitely agree with you about the Sakai armor though, was easily my favourite set in the game!

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