Pokémon 25: My Top 10 Pokémon of Each Generation

Hoo boy… this is going to be one heck of a post! But if you love Pokémon and adore lists (both of which I assume you do if you clicked this link), then you are in for a treat!

I’ve always found it difficult to narrow down my own personal Top 10 Pokémon simply because there are SO MANY incredible creatures to choose from, each one with their own strengths, weakness, nostalgic ties, and so on. But this is Pokémon’s 25th anniversary and I am looking for every excuse to celebrate this phenomenal series! What better way to do that than to expand from a Top 10 into a Top 80- my favorite 10 creatures from every generation of the mainline games!

I’m going to keep my entries limited to names and pictures (aside from my top picks), otherwise this post would go on FOREEEEEVVVEEEERRR! I’m accounting for everything in my choices- usefulness, appearance, memories from my playthroughs, etc. The list goes in order from left to right, top to bottom. But no more introductions and much ado about nothing- here is Brink’s Top 10 Pokémon of Each Generation!

Generation 1

10. Venusaur

9. Ninetales

8. Blastoise

7. Rhydon

6. Lapras

5. Mewtwo

4. Snorlax

3. Nidoking

2. Charizard

1. Gyarados
This bad dude has been a favorite of mine since the early days. It’s intimidating presence, high power, and ability to get early on with some perseverance made it a constant addition to my roster in nearly every generation!

Generation 2

10. Raikou

9. Lugia

8. Ho-oh

7. Totodile

6. Typhlosion

5. Espeon

4. Umbreon

3. Crobat

2. Tyranitar

1. Scizor
Scyther was one of the coolest creatures in Gen 1 and Scizor only made it more so. From a sleek design to only having one true weakness (Fire), Scizor earns points for style, appearance, power, and durability. It’s just so cool!

Generation 3

10. Breloom

9. Ludicolo

8. Blaziken

7. Sharpedo

6. Seviper

5. Metagross

4. Aggron

3. Kyogre

2. Groudon

1. Rayquaza
I tried to shy away from Legendaries in this list, but the Hoenn trio is just too near and dear to my heart- especially Rayquaza! Its integration into the story as the soother of Groudon/Kyogre to prevent the world’s end is an epic story beat that hasn’t been matched since!

Generation 4

10. Weavile

9. Empoleon

8. Glaceon

7. Toxicroak

6. Luxray

5. Gliscor

4. Electivire

3. Lopunny

2. Leafeon

1. Garchomp
Sharks have been my favorite animal since I was a kid- especially hammerheads! This earth dragon/hammerhead shark hits the perfect mark of being inspired by a real creature but not limited by it. It’s powerful, but that’s an after-thought compared to its pure aesthetic appeal.

Generation 5

10. Beeheeyem

9. Excadrill

8. Seismitoad

7. Haxorus

6. Zoroark

5. Crustle

4. Braviary

3. Scolipede

2. Darmanitan

1. Krookodile
I’ve always been drawn to reptile Pokémon. Ground and Dark are two of my favorite types, so slap them on a crocodile, give it some shades, and BAM! Instant win. It also reminds me of Mr. Vile from Banjo-Kazooie 😛

Generation 6

10. Aurorus

9. Gourgeist

8. Trevenant

7. Talonflame

6. Delphox

5. Avalugg

4. Noivern

3. Gogoat

2. Greninja

1. Tyrantrum
Yes, I was a 90s dino-loving kid, and yes, I loved the Tyrannosaurus Rex. I am a product of my time! I make no apologies. Tyrantrum leapt to the heights of my favorites the first time I laid eyes on it. Its Strong Jaw ability makes it a powerful addition to any team!

Generation 7

10. Decidueye

9. Alolan Marowak

8. Alolan Sandslash

7. Wishiwashi

6. Mimikyu

5. Alolan Muk

4. Salazzle

3. Incineroar

2. Alolan Ninetales

1. Lycanroc
I love the concept of a Pokémon wolf that can remain a normal canine, become a werewolf, or turn into a mix of the two! Lycanroc breaks the stereotype of so many Rock Pokémon being slow and clumsy, instead being able to hit fast and hard with a speedy Stone Edge!

Generation 8

10. Obstagoon

9. Hatterene

8. Frosmoth

7. Sirfetch’d

6. Centiscorch

5. Toxtricity

4. Drednaw

3. Grimmsnarl

2. Corviknight

1. Perrserker
As you may have read in my previous Top 10 post, Perrserker takes the crown not only as my favorite Gen 8 Mon, but my favorite overall! It’s not uber-powerful. It’s not a ginormous, Legendary monstrosity. It’s just a bearded metal-viking-cat. ‘Nuff said! 🙂

That rounds out my Top 10 Pokémon of every generation, but I’d love to hear from you too! Let me know some of your favorites in the comments below, or on my Twitter (@brinkofgaming). Stay tuned February 27th for my final post of the Pokémon 25th Anniversary Celebration! Thank you for reading, and Smell ya later!

-PokéMaster Brink

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