Pokémon 25: ‘Fakemons’ That I Wish Were Real

Fakemons. We’ve all seen them floating around the internet. While everybody has their favorite official Pokémon designs, I’d also wager that you’ve found a few fan art designs that portray some creatures in a way better light than their canon appearances.

I’m restricting my list to unused beta designs, unofficial evolutions, or branches off of Pokémon that already exist- nothing completely unique or off the beaten path of the series we already know and love (not that there is anything wrong with that!). Let’s dive in!


Image result for gorochu pokemon
Speculative art by Foxeaf on DeviantArt

I always liked Raichu in the games, but wished it had gotten beefed up a bit more. What better way than to drop a powerhouse evolution, complete with a sick new color palate! While Gorochu was actually planned to be a Pokémon in the first generation, it was ultimately cut from the list due to cartridge limitations. The art above was created based on back-sprite art, as there was no discovered front-sprite. It is also possible that Gorochu is what was alluded to but forgotten to be removed in Red/Blue/Yellow by the man on Cinnabar Island, who informs you after you trade him a Raichu that “That Raichu you traded me went off and evolved!”

Better Sobble Evolutions

Sobble Evolution
Sobble Evolution Variant Art by Astralfell on DeviantArt

When the starters for Generation 8 were first revealed, I was so stoked! I love chameleons and I couldn’t wait to see what Sobble looked like when it fully evolved. Would it be Ghost-type to suit it’s camouflaging power? What kind of chameleon would they based it off of? Turns out…none. Drizzile was a wonky emo-kid and Inteleon was a paper-thin sham of a lizard, hardly even resembling the original animal of inspiration. I love the knightly art above made by Astralfell. It makes the chameleon influence clear, but has fun with the design aspects so it doesn’t feel bland. This would have been a much better Sobble line, in my opinion.

Blue Dragonite

Image result for blue dragonite art
Alternate Dragonite Art by he84 on DeviantArt

While Dragonite has always been an awesome Pokémon, I’ve always been thrown off as to why it changes its coloration and design entirely in the process. Dratini and Dragonair are so well-aligned, then Dragonite becomes its own separate Mon entirely. The art above imagines a more cohesive look for Gen 1’s most powerful Dragon. I might just be a sucker for blue Pokémon, but I think this design looks way cooler than the original!

Rapidash Pegasus Evolution

Image result for rapidash pegasus
Rapidash Pegasus Evolution by MDSM_art on Reddit

I know for a fact that I’m not the only person wanting a proper evolution for Rapidash. I’ve seen some awesome variants with blue flames and such, but the idea of Rapidash becoming a full-blown Pegasus is just so cool! And maybe it could still have blue fire instead of the red/yellow, but this art from MDSM_art on Reddit was far and away the coolest I found of the concept! Maybe Fire/Flying is an overdone combination by this point, but I still wish this had become an actual thing.

Mega Crobat

Image result for mega crobat
Art by Smiley-Fakemon on DeviantArt

Crobat is one of my favorite Pokémon of all time thanks to its high speed and the ability to learn so many inhibiting attacks- Toxic and Confuse Ray being among my favorites. As a dual-type of Poison/Flying, it has immunity to the all-powerful Earthquake. With some further boosts to its Speed and Attack, Mega Crobat would be devastating to encounter on the battlefield!

Mega Golem

Image result for mega golem
Art by Dragonith on DeviantArt

Golem was one of my early favorites when Pokémon was still a brand new phenomenon. It’s turtle-like appearance jived with my enjoyment of reptiles, and it’s Rock Slide, Earthquake, and Fissure attacks were all heavy-hitters for massive damage- very appealing for a young boy! I love this volcanic take on a Mega Evolution for Golem. Outfit it with a move like Flare Blitz (with the Rock Head ability for no recoil) and you are set! This would have been way better than the awful Alolan Golem we actually got with the dumb mustache and LITERALLY hands with no arms.

Eevee Evolutions for Every Type

Fake Eevee Evolutions by BoxBird on DeviantArt

Is it really too much to ask to get an Eevee evolution for every type? Some might consider it “beating a dead horse” to have even more evolutions for a Pokémon that already has EIGHT… but I’m not one of them. Eevee has been known as the “Evolution Pokémon” since the very first generation. While it started with just three, more forms of varying types have trickled out throughout the generations. I vote that we just rip the rest of the band-aid off and throw in the rest of the types in one go! Who’s with me?? 🙂

I’m sure I could think of even more Fakemons to include, but I’ll end things off there. Do you have a Fakemon that you wish would make the cut into a game? Or perhaps an alternate version/evolution of something that already exists? Let me know about it in the comments below or over on my Twitter (@brinkofgaming).

I look forward to seeing your own picks! But that does it for now! Stay tuned for even more Pokémon 25th Anniversary Celebration posts here on The Brink of Gaming! Smell ya later!

-PokéMaster Brink

7 thoughts on “Pokémon 25: ‘Fakemons’ That I Wish Were Real

    1. Agreed! I’m sure it would have been tough to make them for every creature, but expanding with more every gen would still be nice! I like Mega Evolution more than the Dynamaxing stuff in Sword/Shield

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    1. Right. While it’s a cool idea for the raid battles, it’s otherwise just a gimmick. And I don’t like most of the Gigantamax forms either 😛 Duraldon is cool, but it turns into a…building?? Not cool. lol

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