I’m Taking a Hiatus

Hey there! Thank you for taking the time to click on this post. By now you will have undoubtedly surmised the obvious: that The Brink of Gaming will be taking a bit of a break. This was a decision I pondered for quite a while. At first I thought it was my own laziness catching up to me: that my poor habits of yesteryear were finally catching up with me. After much thought and deliberation, however, I’ve realized that this is not the case at all.

I’ve made over 140 posts since starting this blog in May of 2018: that’s almost an exact average of two posts per week. Nothing groundbreaking, perhaps, but a labor of love that has nonetheless captured much of my time and energy. It has been a joy to write and extend my creative muscles, focusing on favorite titles, music, myself, anxiety, imagination, the WordPress community, and just about anything that came to mind regarding my experience with video games. It’s something that has always been a part of my life and, God willing, will continue to be for years to come.

But I have other loves in my life: loves that I haven’t had time to pursue since beginning this grand adventure. It’s been ages since I’ve sat down with a good book on an empty weekend and whittled away the hours in an imaginary world. Countless details for my own stories and novels that I’d love to eventually write have poured through my head and onto notebook paper, sitting idly by on a bookshelf as I devoted all of my creative juices towards blogging about the latest games and ideas. I have loved every second of brainstorming and word-smithing over coffee and quiche at a local shop each Saturday morning, but it is time for a change of pace. I need to focus fully on some other parts of life for a little while.

Let me assure you that The Brink of Gaming is far from over! I will still be spilling out my own thoughts and opinions periodically, but it will be much fewer and farther between than the weekly schedule I’ve adhered to thus far. And I will certainly still be around to follow and interact with the dozens of awesome people I’ve met since trekking out on this venture. You’re the ones that help keep me doing this, after all! This isn’t a farewell: it’s a “See you around!” Stay well, friends, and keep gaming on!


13 thoughts on “I’m Taking a Hiatus

  1. No worries, friend. We all need breaks once in a while. It’s all about priorities. I’ve been writing less on here mostly because of Inktober – it’s super time-consuming! Enjoy your break! I’ll miss you but will be here whenever you come back, confetti in hand! ^_^

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