Question of the Week #35: What Video Game Pet Would You Want?

There is no end to the weird creatures we see in video games, from epic beasts in RPGs to more cutesy characters in lots of modern indie games. Some are scary. Some are ginormous. But each and every one of them come with their own charm. Which one would you keep around if you could?

While a Pokémon answer would be nice and simple, it would also be quite predictable. I’m going to choose to go outside my norm a bit and choose a Slime from Dragon Quest. They are small, can speak human language, and have the potential to be an awesome pal in my daily life! Having a little blob buddy on my shoulder everywhere I went would be awesome!

What about you? What pet from a video game would you want in your own life? Something big and powerful? Something tiny and convenient? Let me know with a comment below! Thanks for reading!


8 thoughts on “Question of the Week #35: What Video Game Pet Would You Want?

  1. A moogle.I first saw them in Kingdom Hearts 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX and I just love how cute and fluffy they are! I ended up getting a plush of one on Amazon so I technically have a Moogle now.

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    1. Nice!! I don’t have many plushes, but I do want to indulge in a few that I’ve stumbled upon: namely a life-size Charmander and a Grub from Hollow Knight that makes noises when you squeeze it 😛 I’m glad you were able to get one!!

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  2. I had to go out of my place and not say pokemon? Tough indeed but I choose pikmins and chocobos. I feel like pikmins would help me get myself together in my life and chocobo is honestly too good to pass up :p

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