Question of the Week #33: What Trope Do You Want Removed from Video Games?

Tropes exist in gaming because, to some extent, they help fulfill our expectations of what to do to progress. Grab the shiny collectibles. Run towards the quest marker. Interact with glowy bits to trigger the cutscene. But even these “helpful” tropes can be a nuisance when done sloppily (shooting switches rather than interacting), and others go entirely against any semblance of productivity or player respect, such as featuring overly-sexualized female characters or macho protagonists who show no emotion.

It might be a simple or unimportant detail, but the trope that grates against my brain the most is the countless stories of the “chosen one.” Predestination is a worn out plot thread and I’m tired of pursuing an objective just because I’m “supposed to.” Even some of my favorite games are touched by it, specifically Skyrim and its Dragonborn protagonist. I actually make a point of not advancing the main story much of the time when I play Skyrim so that I can avoid those story beats, unless of course I decide that it works with my own personal character’s backstory and planned progression (Yes, I do make stories for all of my characters in my head. Sue me! :P)

What video game tropes are you sick of seeing? Let me know with a comment below! Thanks for reading, and game on!


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