Question of the Week #32: What is Your Favorite Controller?

There are a multitude of options for gaming controllers when jumping into your favorite games. From official controllers to third-party alternates, we’ve seen a variety of shapes, sizes, button labels and shoulder triggers over the years. Even PC gamers have the capability of using console controllers for their gaming experiences as of the last few generations. But my question today is about your own preference!

I’ve enjoyed many of the controllers I’ve used, with only a few of them coming off as a pain to play with (specifically some third-party Nintendo 64 controllers). I have a hard time deciding between several: I love the GameCube controller for its comfort, the Xbox One controller for its refined design for modern games, and the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller for its versatility between 3D titles and using the comfortable D-Pad for side-scrolling titles. I’m not sure which one I would put above the others as I love them all!

What about you? What is your favorite controller that you’ve used? Let me know with a comment below! Thanks for reading!


9 thoughts on “Question of the Week #32: What is Your Favorite Controller?

  1. The gamecube controller is still my favourite because of the triggers, and button layout. Admittedly it isn’t perfect given the second stick and d-pad aren’t ideal, but the form factor will always be my favourite.

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  2. I much prefer the feel of the Xbox One controller over any of the others. I’m more of a keyboard and mouse gamer but there are a few games on pc that are just better with a controller. (Dark Souls for one)

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