Question of the Week #23: How Much of a Game Do You Usually Complete?

Some video games cost players a meager amount of time, requiring not more than a few hours to see everything they have to offer. Other titles demand a larger investment. These games can see players pump in anywhere from thirty to well over one hundred hours in order to get around to all of the content available! And to keep it going, some online games offering rotating rewards on a daily/weekly basis to further ensnare players into coming back each and every day for just a few more matches, sometimes wracking up play time totals into the thousands of hours! But today I want to focus more on self-contained journeys: not online games with no true end.

When you’re playing a game, how much of it do you strive to complete? Are you a Mario fan who blasts through every level to beat the game, or do you scour every stage for all of its secrets and hidden passageways? Do you spur Geralt to save Ciri above all else, or do you stop to aid civilians with finding their cooking pans and lost family heirlooms? Critical path alone, or every chunk of content you can get your hands on?

Let me know with a comment below! I’d love to hear your thoughts!


6 thoughts on “Question of the Week #23: How Much of a Game Do You Usually Complete?

  1. For me it depends on the size of the game and how much I enjoy the game. Sometimes it’s just up until I hit the credits, other times I’ll play well beyond that digging in a lot deeper. Also if I’m reviewing the game I tend to replay sections, or re-examine certain aspects to verify what I originally observed is correct.

    So it depends on a number of different factors I suppose.

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    1. Makes sense to me! I’d say that about holds true for me as well. Some games I’m ready to be done with, while others I feel like digging into as much as possible. Thanks for the feedback!

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  2. For me personally its 2 major factors: a) how much I’m enjoying the game, and b) whether there is anything else I’m waiting to play. If I’m wanting to get into another game, I’m more likely to quickly race through the one I’m currently playing, unless I’m enjoying it a lot! I am a bit of a completionist though (especially now that games are so expensive) so I usually try to at least finish a game before I shelf it.

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