Question of the Week #20: Ask Me Anything!

This week I thought I would switch things up a bit: rather than me pitch you a question, I wanted to see if you all had any questions for me! It can be about anything: gaming, personal interests, life philosophies, favorite color, etc.! I’m open to answering all questions that come my way: deep or shallow! I just ask that you keep them appropriate! šŸ˜› Hope to hear some good ones down in the comments below! And I promise I’ll get to every question, but I will be returning from a trip today so it might take some time for me to respond! šŸ™‚


8 thoughts on “Question of the Week #20: Ask Me Anything!

    1. Blue… No, yello-aaahhhhhhhh!!!! (love me some Monty Python lol) Honestly, color is a tie between blue and green! I do like to read, but I don’t much anymore now that time is limited. šŸ˜› I love reading fantasy though! What about you?

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      1. YES! You got my reference!!! šŸ˜€ *high-fives digitally* Blue is awesome. Green is awesome, too, but my favorite is blue. I really enjoy YA and fantasy, but I’m starting to dig a bit into the sci-fi realm. I dig quite a bit of it!

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      2. They’re called “The Traitor God,” “Age of Myth”, and “The War in the Dark.” I started the latter once and it was really good, but I read a ton in one day and then stopped. lol

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