My Hype Games of E3 2019

It’s been a busy week: lots of stuff to do at work, preparing for a trip with friends next week, and plenty of things I need to get around to this coming weekend. I also just took a very long walk at the park today and I am EXHAUSTED. So I’m skipping the flowery introduction: let’s get right into the games shown at E3 2019 that I’m most excited for!!

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Heroes- November 15th

It’s been a while since we had a good story-driven Star Wars game, which is what Fallen Heroes claims to be. The combat looks to be very deliberate, while the world exploration is akin to the path-finding in games like Metroid and Dark Souls. And there is certainly no shortage of Force powers, with the hero Cal Kestis tearing enemies to shreds with lightsaber throws, deadly force blasts, and even dragging an enemy into the line of their companions’ fire. The Force will hopefully be with this one when it releases in November!

Pokémon Sword and Shield- November 15th

We got to see bits and pieces of Sword and Shield both before and during E3, revealing epic new creatures like Corviknight, Drednaw, Eldegoss, and the respective legendaries, Zacian and Zamazetsu. Generation 8 will also include brand new features like raid battles with other online players, Dynamax battles against gym leaders (where Pokémon become three stories tall!), a fully-controllable camera for looking around the world, and it will contain a mixture of both random encounters and predetermined battles against creatures you can actually see wandering around. Even with the news that the games won’t be able to connect to past generations, I’m still committed to choosing this over Star Wars when both games release on the same date!

Doom Eternal- November 22nd

I need more Doom in my life: luckily, the finish line is now in sight! Come late November I’ll be able to jump into the Doomslayer’s shoes once again to ravage my way through Mars and Hell, and even set foot into id Software’s interpretation of Heaven! Mobility continues to be crucial in this sequel, or perhaps even more so with the added Dash ability and grapple shotgun for both flying through the air and dragging baddies to you. The denizens of Hell don’t know what awaits them when the Doomslayer is unleashed once again in just a handful of months!

Cyberpunk 2077- April 16th, 2020

I’ve been hyped for Cyberpunk 2077 for a while now, in no shortage to the fact that CD Projekt Red made one of my favorite games of all time in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. This new story looks to be even more immersive and customizable. And as no surprise to anyone at this point, Keanu Reeves will be featured as one of the characters in the game: Johnny Silverhand, to be specific. Reeves made for quite a wholesome spectacle when he came onstage during Microsoft’s press conference to reveal the April 2020 release date and complimented everyone in the room as being “breathtaking” after a fan shouted it out to the actor from the crowd. Who’s says fame goes to everyone’s head?

Elden Ring- TBA

Elden Ring is one of the biggest mysteries on this list, but it is also one that I have great confidence in! You see, the two masterminds behind this open-world RPG are none other than Hidetaka Miyazaki and George R. R. Martin: of Dark Souls and Game of Thrones fame, respectively. Elden Ring is said to continue From Software’s tradition of including skillful, deliberate combat, while Mr. Martin is contributing a story far more forthcoming than anything from the Souls games. There are also an increased number of RPG elements…whatever that means! There are a litany of possibilities, but I am nonetheless relentless in my hunger to feast upon more info about this enigmatic title!

Dragon Quest 11- September 27th

Nothing too radical with this one: I just really want to play another Dragon Quest game! 😛 Akira Toriyama’s beautiful characters and monsters coming to life on a modern console is well worth the wait of it coming to Switch (since I don’t have a PS4, where it was previously already released). This new version will also incorporate parts of the Japanese 3DS version, which then becomes a classic 16-bit adventure! There is still a lot that I don’t know about this game personally as I didn’t want it spoiled too much, but I can’t wait for September to get here!

Luigi’s Mansion 3- TBA 2019

The Luigi’s Mansion series perfectly captures the balance between spooky and charming, and this third entry appears to be absolutely no different! Our little green friend finds himself this time in a haunted hotel with numerous floors: each one with a different theme, such as “Medieval” or “Movies,” and containing different ways to interact with the unique environments. Luigi has new abilities to help him on his way. He can Burst into the air with a gust to scatter items or jump, Slam ghosts that he is capturing to further weaken them or other ghosts who get hit by the swing, and even summon the clone “Gooigi” from his Poltergust to help solve tricky puzzles. I’m horrified by not having a definite release date, but I’m certainly not scared of how excited I am for this game!

Link’s Awakening- September 20th

I. CANNOT. WAIT. I was completely caught unawares when Link’s Awakening was announced as a remake for the Switch, but even more so when I saw the chosen art style! It’s…so CUTE!! The visuals perfectly capture the original style of this Game Boy classic while also being completely reimagined for higher-fidelity hardware. It’s the best of both…a link between worlds, if you will (HA!). But on top of being completely redesigned, there is going to be a dungeon-building component inside Dampe’s ramshackle hut that will allow players to seek out even more rewards! I can’t wait sit down for another journey across Koholint Island!

Hollow Knight: Silksong- TBA

The ability of Silksong to morph from planned DLC into a full game very much mirrors how my own love of Hollow Knight bloomed across two separate playthroughs: one where I greatly enjoyed it, and a second to 112% completion where I fell in utter love. Players will take on the role of Hornet after she is captured by a mysterious group of staved bugs and taken to a distant land. So far the only areas shown include Moss Grotto and a lava-filled refinery, but I have a feeling that these are only the tip of the iceberg. Hornet controls differently than The Knight and will have access to a quick heal skill, throwing weapons (which run on Silk instead of SOUL), and even a dash and ledge grab for easier traversal through this mysterious new land. Silksong might be my most anticipated game on this list! However…

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Sequel- TBA

…THIS game is easily the one that got me the most hyped! Coming out of nowhere, this currently-untitled direct sequel to Breath of the Wild delves into the dark right from the get-go. From Link and Zelda delving into an eerie ruin to the mummified corpse of who I can only assume is Ganondorf (with Malice flowing from his body), this enigmatic title looks to provide fans with one of the series’ darkest entries to date! Especially once the corpse opened its eyes…*shudder* I imagine it will be a while until we learn more about this game, but it doesn’t mean that my excitement for this game is dampened in any way! ZELDA HYPE!

That’s a wrap on my list, but what did you think of E3? What games are you the most excited for? Let me know with a comment below! Thanks for reading, and game on!


2 thoughts on “My Hype Games of E3 2019

  1. I’m intrigued about Elden Ring. On paper it sounds like a match made in heaven, but it’s just so hard to tell without any gameplay. Fingers crossed anyway!

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    1. I’m going to put a little blind faith in it, solely due to the two masterminds directing it all! Maybe it’s a recipe for letdown, but what’s a sunny day without some rainy ones to make you appreciate it? 😛

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