The Legend of Zelda: Sequel of the Wild???

Holy moly!!! Of all the things I was expecting to see from Nintendo during their E3 Nintendo Direct today, a teaser for the next mainline Zelda game was not one of them! At the very end of the Direct, Nintendo aired a short clip that showed Link and Zelda wandering through a mysterious underground cavern. If you haven’t already and you care about it being “spoiled”, check out the teaser for yourself before reading any further.

Okay, you good now? Cool! Awesome! Buonissimo! Let’s get into it.

You can’t tell much from this screenshot, but Zelda has chopped a lot of her hair off! It’s now much closer to Link’s hair length…possible indicator for switchable characters??? Only time will tell.

The footage seems to indicate that this new game will be taking a much darker turn than anything we saw in Breath of the Wild. The figure that Link and Zelda stumble upon is bone-chilling: a mummified husk sealed in place by some green, magical force. But something happens …and it wakes up. And it doesn’t look happy to see them.

It’s okay, he’s asleep. We should be totally safe…

There wasn’t any plot divulged in regards to this terrifying encounter, but it seems to take place deep under Hyrule Castle. The circumstances of the characters are just as enigmatic, but there are a few clues Nintendo left us to piece it together. For instance, this image displayed on the mummy:

Does it look familiar? I’ve no doubt your answer is “Yes” if you’re a fan of the Zelda series, for the symbol is none other than the crest of the Gerudo people! (see below)

This symbol also adorns the being’s clothing in a few other shots. Now using this knowledge, let’s apply some INTENSIVE critical thinking… 😉

1) The being isn’t wearing a shirt, so it’s likely a male (this is a Nintendo game, after all!)

2) According to official lore, there is only one male Gerudo born every 100 years

3) We’ve literally only ever seen ONE male Gerudo in the entire Zelda series’ history

Using these advanced powers of deductive reasoning, I’ve surmised that this being is, indeed, the King of Thieves: Ganondorf!

I always felt disappointed that we never got to see the human aspect of Ganon in Breath of the Wild, but it seems like that will probably be changing in this sequel! Another note that feeds into this is the fact that the body is “leaking” malice: the substance of Calamity Ganon that littered everywhere he had corrupted in Breath of the Wild. But who sealed Ganondorf away? What does that mysterious green magic signify? What the heck is even going on?! Hopefully the answers lie closer than further…

Are you pumped for a new Zelda? Let me know your take in the comments! Thanks for reading!



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