Question of the Week #17: When Do You Call It Quits With a Console?

The excitement brought about from buying a brand new console is nearly unrivaled in the gaming world. The anticipation! The dopamine! Countless untold adventures just wait to be unfurled throughout the lifespan of the system. But this joy doesn’t last forever. One day, you start it up for the final time. You hit the power button not knowing that you will only experience that console-companionship for the remainder of that sitting. It’s a sad day when you choose to sell a console; it’s even worse when its electronics give out and it bites the dust without warning.

Some people hang onto consoles indefinitely, reliving the nostalgia of retro consoles to this very day rather than constantly inundating themselves with brand new experiences. Others abandon their older consoles the second a new iteration presents itself to the world. My question to you today is which kind of person are you?

I tend to get rid of my consoles when a newer option presents itself. I don’t like to clutter my space with numerous systems that don’t ever see the light of day. But that being said, I have held onto my original Sega Genesis, Nintendo 64, and GameBoy Color since I got them all over two decades ago. I blame nostalgia ūüėõ

Do you keep your consoles until they perish, or do you prefer to ditch them as soon as something better comes along? Perhaps you fall somewhere in the middle like me: retaining a favored console while discarding all others when they become outdated? Let me know your preference in the comments below!


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