Question of the Week #14: What Game Has Your Favorite Soundtrack?

We’re going nice and simple for this week’s question: front to back, start to finish, what video game has your favorite music? I’ve already shared a post detailing my personal favorites before, but I feel it’s always a relevant question to bring back for any new followers that may have joined since then! Let the suggestions flow!


6 thoughts on “Question of the Week #14: What Game Has Your Favorite Soundtrack?


    I /really/ love the music in the Zelda series. I feel that the compositions in BotW are masterful, but I will always keep the soundtracks from Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess very close to my heart. Nothing sends shivers up my spine quite like the Forest Temple music!

    I also really love all of the music in EarthBound, Yoshi’s Island, and Super Mario RPG. I could probably listen to all of those soundtracks interminably. ^_^

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  2. My choices:

    Payday 2. Few things in that game stayed consistent, but the soundtrack’s quality was one of them. I especially like “Operation Black Light”, the track of the final heist in the game-it’s one of those ending tracks, like Ghetsis’ theme in Pokemon B/W or Gwyn’s piano track in Dark Souls, that gives the player restraint when they’re expecting bombast.

    Sonic Spinball: Every single track, save for the infamous options screen theme, is good.

    Stardew Valley: Very good music.

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