Question of the Week #6: What is Your Go-To “Feel Good” Game?

Life. It happens. Sometimes it comes in small, gently-lapping waves, while others its a raging tsunami that beats and batters your entire being. It’s in these latter times that video games can help to pull us through. Whether with brief distractions of high activity, immersive adventures into massive fantasy worlds, or invoking the nostalgia of our younger years and simpler times, these moments of respite are crucial to getting ourselves back on the right track. And there are so many games to choose from!

My personal cure for the doldrums is returning back to Skyrim (Surprise!). I cannot count the number of characters I’ve started and never even returned to after just a few days of exploration and soaking in the dopamine. I always find some new twist on skill sets that make each new individual feel unique from past playthroughs

But what about you? What game do you go to for relaxation and resetting when life gets crazy? Let me know with a comment! And thanks for reading!


8 thoughts on “Question of the Week #6: What is Your Go-To “Feel Good” Game?

  1. I don’t think I really have a “Feel Good” game, but I do occasionally like to go back and conduct playthroughs of The Legend of Zelda and Wolfenstein 3D (there are probably other ones I can’t quite remember right now as well). They’re simple and I never really find myself bored when revisiting them.

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      1. I’ve played it before up to about the fifth dungeon: just never could figure out where to go after that. But given that I have an NES classic, I might have to take a weekend and just go for it sometime!


  2. Honestly, Fortnite made a great move by pushing out their creative mode. Just made it possible to play such a competitive game in a low stress environment.

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