Revisiting a Classic Today

We’ve had quite a bit of snow in the midwest these past couple weeks! With snow comes inconvenient and unsafe road travel, so I always find it best to make plans that don’t involve leaving the house. But I wanted something different to fill my time on this chilly Saturday. Something exciting, yet mildly challenging. So I devised a solution: the One-Day Play.

My goal was to pick a game that I could reasonably beat throughout the course of one day, documenting my progress, thoughts, and opinions, and labelling it with timestamps as I go (well, brief notes that I’ll expand on further after the game is safely finished within the time limit). I don’t own any tech for streaming, so I figured this would be the next best thing!

My game of choice is Super Metroid. It’s a somewhat short, reliable classic: one I’ve beaten many times, and that I know I’ll enjoy revisiting. So keep your eyes peeled the rest of this weekend: my Zebes chronicle awaits!

What gaming plans do you guys have this weekend? Let me know below with a comment. And as always, friends, game on!


One thought on “Revisiting a Classic Today

  1. Yep, Super Metroid would be a perfect game for such a challenge. It’s short and manages to cover a lot of interesting ground in the time it takes many modern games to finally start being good (not that there’s anything wrong with that as long as the game in question actually remembers to get good).

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