Daily Inkling Challenge- “The Day After”

“What do you do to cope the day after you arrive home from a great vacation?”

Matthew over at Normal Happenings posed this question to his followers in one of his most recent Daily Inkling posts. However, a tiny, pink dot in my notification center informed me that I had actually been tagged in this link for some reason. My curiosity obviously took hold and I dove in head-first, hunting through each sentence for my mention. And then I saw it. It just so happened that, out of everyone in this vast blogosphere that is WordPress, I had specifically been challenged…CHALLENGED… along with four other bloggers to answer that specific query above. Well, Matthew, I don’t back down from a good challenge! I see your question and raise you response!

False machismo cast aside, I have been staring at this question for many minutes and come to no sure-fire conclusion. I just don’t know! The candle next to me has devoured more and more of its wick, throwing shadows upon the wall and casting a delicious Cafe Al Fresco aroma throughout the room, as Insomnium’s Above the Weeping World blares from my record player. What do I do when I come home from a vacation?

My immediate answer would be to hide from the world and rest for a few minutes. Or a few hours. Or even better, a few days. But I’m not so sure if that’s entirely accurate, hence my hesitation. I might be introverted and enjoy time to myself, but that certainly doesn’t mean I don’t want to catch up with friends and ask how they’ve been, divulging tales from my trip after ensuring that they are good and well. Laundry can wait…well, at least until the underwear runs out. The Rule of Briefs unfortunately holds a powerful sway over our lives…

But following these excursions of brotherhood and merriment, I would most certainly require some time to myself. Processing the events of a fun-filled vacation and allowing the body to rest up is a crucial part of the post-vacation process, and that means mentally as much as physically. Returning home from a period of jubilance and jumping immediately into the usual work routine is a brutal undertaking, and I will always avoid it at all costs! And again, The Rule of Briefs will most certainly come calling shortly after my return to the everyday mundane.

So in summary, my answer: I would spend time with close friends, catch up on happenings, then take some time to myself to rest up and prepare for my return to the forty-plus-hour work week. But what about you, friends? Do you have a particular habit or ritual upon returning home from an awesome vacation? Be sure to let me know with a comment! Also, check out the post that inspired this impromptu writing right here. And thanks to Matthew again for the invitation to participate! I’ll have to take advantage of more Daily Inklings in the future! Thanks for reading, friends, and game on!


EDIT: Hey, I won a Nice Job Badge! Thanks Matthew!

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