Winter Video Game Music

The snow has been piling up since late last night here in the central United States, and it doesn’t appear to be stopping anytime soon: the perfect recipe for a day of regret-free gaming! But given the circumstances, I felt it would be appropriate to share my own personal playlist for Winter Video Game Music! This list contains all of my favorite “Ice Level” music, if you will, from a variety of different video games. These tracks tend to be my favorite for the calm atmosphere and instrumentation they provide. Hopefully you’re able to stay inside and enjoy this music rather than go outside and brave the cold! Unless you live somewhere that isn’t currently buried in snow…but even then, I would highly recommend checking this link out!

Winter Video Game Playlist

Do you have a favorite “Winter” track from video gaming? Let me know with a comment! Thanks for reading, friends, and game on!


3 thoughts on “Winter Video Game Music

  1. Though it’s my least favorite game in the trilogy, I thought the original Donkey Kong Country had the best snow level theme in the series. I also think the Surface themes from Goldeneye are great as well.

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