New Posting Schedule

Hello, everyone! Thank you for visiting The Brink of Gaming. I started this blog just shy of three months ago. At the time, my mind was overflowing with unexpressed ideas of video game critiques, commentary, excitement, and nostalgia that I just couldn’t wait to put out into the world. It has been an exciting ride so far! But I’ve done some reflecting on my time invested so far and I’m feeling the need for change.

My main concern is that I don’t want to burn myself out. I love to write about video games, but I also have a lot of other activities in my free time that writing has taken the place of: including gaming itself. Not to say that I don’t have time to game, but after getting home from work, exercising for a bit, showering, and eating dinner, there is not a whole lot of night remaining. I’d like to include more time to enjoy the passion that brought me into blogging in the first place. And I won’t be able to do so as often with my current schedule. Without the gaming, this blog would fizzle out.

That being said, I will no longer be posting entries on Tuesdays. Focusing on one Friday blog per week still allows me the outlet of creativity, while not also trampling on any other activities. It will also allow me to put more time and effort on each individual post and help to fine-tune my writing skills. THIS BLOG IS NOT GOING ANYWHERE. I still love to get my thoughts out on the keyboard: it’s just a metamorphosis to ensure that my passion stays ignited.

This probably doesn’t affect anybody to a great extent, but I wanted to put it out there nonetheless. Again, thank you all for reading my blog: it means a lot! Every single view means that some person decided to spend just a few minutes of their time to hear my humble opinions on gaming, and let me tell you, is appreciated so much! I hope this finds you well. And as always, friends, game on!


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